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Thank you for your interest in Exotic Tropicals' site! We would like to be able to immediately respond to each and every email, however that would leave us no time to do anything else. Most of our time is spent taking care of the fish in our hatchery and manufacturing products. Therefore we will not be able to respond to many "How To" and "What do I do" type questions. For a quick response to those types of questions, we suggest posting the question to the Cichlid Newsgroup. For a disease related question we strongly recommend The Urgent Care section on Compuserve's Fishnet Forum. You must be a Compuserve member to access this forum. Please feel free to email us questions or topics you would like more information on and we will try to post an article in the Articles section of our site. We feel this is the best way to try and accommodate as many people as possible. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Email regarding an order will be handled with the highest priority!

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