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Cichlids and other fish links

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Ad Konings, Cichlid Press
Cichlid Press is the publisher of quality books, posters and videos on cichlids. Cichlid Press publishes the vast majority of the books written by Ad Konings. Visit the Cichlid Press web site for descriptions and ordering information for the books, posters and videos available. Also available at Cichlid Press are free wallpapers by Ad Konings! Cichlid Press has truly become the best source for authoritative information on cichlids.

American Cichlid Association
The American Cichlid Association is the largest aquarium hobby specialty organization in North America. The purpose of the American Cichlid Association, Inc. is to gather, organize and disseminate knowledge of cichlids (Family Cichlidae), to promote fellowship among members, to further the conservation of species and their natural habitats. Dues: 1 year: U.S., Canada, Mexico $20; Overseas $42.50; Overseas (bulletin only) $30. All U.S. Funds. Contact: ACA membership Committee, Howard Schmidt, P.O.Box 5351, Naperville, IL 60567-5351.

Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server
This WWW server is devoted to information of interest to systematists and other biologists of the organismic kind. Within these pages you will find information about specimens in biological collections, taxonomic authority files, directories of biologists, reports by various standards bodies (IOPI, ASC, SA2000, etc), an archive of the Taxacom, MUSE-L and CICHLID-L listservs), access to on-line journals (including Flora On-line) and information about MUSE and Delta.

The Cichlid Research Home Page
A Web site dedicated to scientific information about the fish family Cichlidae, featuring extensive information about cichlids, plus the online science experiment known as the Cichlid Egg Project.

The Cichlid Room Companion
The Cichlid Room Companion site contains a wealth of information about cichlids. You will find pages for articles, discussions, books, wallpapers, Cichlid News magazine index, links, and more...

Desert Fishes Council
The mission of the Desert Fishes Council (DFC) is to preserve the biological integrity of desert aquatic ecosystems and their associated life forms, to hold symposia to report related research and management endeavors, and to effect rapid dissemination of information concerning activities of the Council and its members.

Fish Link Central
The Internet's Largest Collection of Fish Web Sites.

The Rainbowfish Study Group of North America
Rainbowfish belong to the family Melanotaeniidae and the closely related blue-eyed rainbowfish to the family Pseudomugilidae. These families are found in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya (Indonesia) and are the major interest of the Rainbowfish Study Group of North America. Dues: $10 (U.S. & Canada), $15 foreign. Contact Sherry Taylor, 171 Campbell Lane, Cookeville, TN 38501, USA.

South American Cichlid Study Group
One of the primary goals of the SACSG is to provide a single, dedicated organization where South American cichlid enthusiasts can exchange information on the changes in nomenclature and taxonomy of the South American Cichlidae and to report on the keeping and breeding of these wonderful fishes. The SACSG is meant to complement the activities of the ACA and the already existing study groups. The SACSG meets in conjunction with the ACA Convention. Dues: $12.50/yr. (4 issues of the journal ACARA) Contact: Dean Hougen, P.O. Box 14123, Dinkytown Station, Minneapolis, MN 55414-0123, USA.


Cichlid Newsgroup
WWW Newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of cichlids (rec.aquaria.freshwater.cichlids).

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